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Intake Process

Heavenly Rescued Inc. assists homeless, displaced, and abused pregnant females ages 13-23 to become self-sufficient and functional mothers by providing them with a stable living environment, educational advancement skills, parenting skills, job training and life development skills.


Please review the follow steps for "Intake":

  • Step 1: Review the following “Qualifications for Residency

✔ The client must be a pregnant female between the ages of 13 (thirteen) and 23 (twenty-three) who may/may not be parenting (one child limit under age 5). The female must be either homeless, displaced, discharged foster care, or a crisis victim.


✔ The client must need housing during their pregnancy period of nine months and up to six months after delivery. They may be considered for housing at any period during pregnancy.

✔ The client should have a legal guardian, an assigned Licensed Case Social Worker (LCSW) or Department of Social Service Representative.

✔ All clients must have medical insurance (private or Medicaid) and provide proof of active policy.


✔ Clients under the age of 18 years of age must be enrolled in school, community college, or a GED program. Those over the age of 18 years of age must be employed or willing to obtain employment, or are enrolled in an educational program at the community college.


✔ The client must be able to function as a family unit within the home. She must be independently, physically, and emotionally able to function within the home with minimal supervision.


✔ The client must be willing to follow all Heavenly Rescued, Inc. housing rules and regulations during the program period.


✔ The client must be free of any substance abuse (drugs or alcohol) or in a recovery program and actively progressing in the program or successfully discharged from a recovery program.


✔ The client (ages 18-23): This client must be able to obtain state funding or agree to a financial agreement for the cost of the Heavenly Rescued, Inc. housing program.


✔ The client who has a small child: The child must have up to date immunization records. The child must also have medical insurance. The client must be willing to enroll the child in daycare or already have the child enrolled. (The Heavenly Rescued, Inc. housing program is not equipped or registered as a daycare or childcare provider.)

  • Step 2: When it is determined you meet the qualifications, complete the Client Questionnaire:

✔ By emailed form submission using this form

     - OR -

✔ Phone Call, Facetime, Skype, Google duo is permitted for initial assessment intake questionnaire by prescheduled consultation.
  • In a case of emergency (i.e. homeless, abuse or domestic), the young mother will be admitted immediately and the intake process will be initiated within 1 to 3 business days.

Access the Board of Directors here

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