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Experience Financial Liberation

Financial Education
Financial Education 
Learn "how the rich keep getting richer"!


Financial Education
 + How to Correct Tax Withholding 
 + How to Minimize Taxes
 + How to Repair Your Credit
 + How to Eliminate Debt
 + How to Access Investment Education

 + How to Protect Your Income

Smart myCredit Education
1. Smart myCredit System
Learn the Mechanics of the Credit Repair Industry

Learn how to dispute your credit yourself and get your credit score to 750+.
Create Residual Income by helping other people fix their credit themselves. 

​​Cash is King BUT Credit Runs the Kingdom.

Credit affects every aspect of life today.


Even if you have a great career and boat loads of cash, you will
still need a good credit score.


The Smart myCredit System is a credit education system that will

  • Empower People 

  • Build Stellar Credit 

  • Eliminate Debt

  • Grow Cashflow

A $399+ value, sold separately for $69.95 or included for FREE!
Cashflow Manager/Strategist
2. CashFlow Manager Pro 
(CashFlow Strategist)

Learn the Hidden Benefits of Expense Tracking
and Setting Up Your Retirement Plan


The CashFlow Manager is an online cashflow management system which

records, organizes and stores all of your business and personal financial

transactions. The system was developed to simplify tracking your income

and tax deductible business expenses so you can minimize your taxes

and save time.

Some Key Features are:


  • 256 bit encryption and physical security banks use to protect your data

  • Tracks income and expenses for business and home
  • Captures and stores receipts online
  • Pre-set and customizable income and expense categories
  • Tracks multiple businesses in one account
  • Recurring entry feature to minimize work

Get CashFlow Manager Pro for just $19.95/mo or included for FREE!!

CashFlow Manager
Get the CashFlow Manager for just $10.95 or included for FREE!
Debt Elimination
3. Debt Elimination Tool
Learn how to Get Out of Debt QUICKLY!

Debt robs us of our cashflow and is one of the biggest obstacles to

attaining financial success. Our debt elimination calculator can

empower you to eliminate your debt quickly and shift cashflow back to you.

The Debt Elimination Tool is a system that will help you...

  • Use extra cashflow creation properly

  • Add to your monthly payments 

  • Eliminate the debt even faster

Simply enter all your debts into the system, including balances,

interest rates and minimum payments. When the debt is 

eliminated you will have extra cashflow for ...

  • Investing

  • Lifestyle

  • Peace of Mind

An invaluable tool included absolutely FREE!

Debt Elimination Tool
Debt Elimination Tool Video
The Smart Money Credit Repair, CashFlow Manager Expense Tracker,
and Debt Elimination Tool are included absolutely FREE!!
(as well as business training AND how your team is built FOR YOU on autopilot)

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